Good news for Kiwis, continued job ad growth on SEEK

The latest SEEK data has revealed there were 9.7 per cent new job ads on SEEK this April than the same period last year.

The industries across New Zealand offering the most job opportunities on SEEK, and their average advertised annual salaries this April were:

  • Information & Communication Technology, $93,111
  • Trades & Services, $59,444
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, $65,426

Across all industries this April, the average advertised annual salary on SEEK for New Zealand was $75,889.


“Of the major regions, Auckland enjoyed the largest job ad growth on SEEK this April, up 9.7 per cent y/y,” said Janet Faulding, General Manager for SEEK New Zealand.

Fuelling this growth were the following industries, which offered the subsequent average advertised annual salaries on SEEK:

  • Information & Communication Technology, $93,111
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, $64,744
  • Administration & Office Support, $52,191

“Across Auckland this April, the ICT industry again boasted the largest number of job opportunities on SEEK. The ICT fields with the greatest demand for workers were Development/Programming, Business System Analysts and Programme & Project Management,” Faulding said.

“The need for highly skilled ICT professionals is ever increasing to keep Kiwi's digitally connected and competitive, and this demand is not isolated to just the IT sector. Currently on SEEK, ICT jobs are being advertised across many sectors, including Banking & Financial Services, Government and Retail,” Faulding continued

While off a low base, strong job ad growth on SEEK was seen in Auckland's Advertising, Arts & Media industry this April, up 25 per cent y/y. The fields with greatest demand for workers throughout the industry were Agency Account Management [up 18 per cent y/y] and Journalism & Writing [up 16 per cent y/y].

“This is very encouraging news for people looking at working in the Advertising, Arts & Media industry, or those looking to develop their career in this sector. Opportunities on SEEK for this sector are a mix of internal and agency roles that require varying levels of experience, therefore appealing to a broad range of job seekers,” revealed Faulding.


“In the South Island, advertising on SEEK for Canterbury increased y/y for a second consecutive month, up 2.4 per cent y/y.

“This welcomed uplift across the region comes after job ad growth on SEEK was subdued since March 2015, which coincided with the earthquake rebuild slowing,” Faulding said.

The top industries for job opportunities across Canterbury this April, and their average annual advertised salaries were:

  • Trades & Services, $60,141
  • Construction, $95,867
  • Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, $61,030

“The most sought after Trades & Services professional across Canterbury this April were electricians, automotive mechanics & technicians, and builders. This reflects the skills the Canterbury population needs personally, such as getting their car serviced, or for residential and commercial projects, like construction,” said Faulding.

Despite being a small advertising industry on SEEK for Canterbury, strong job ad growth was recorded for the Community, Services & Development sector this April, up 39 per cent y/y. The fields across the industry offering the largest number of employment prospects were;

  • Child Welfare, Youth & Family Services
  • Aged & Disability Services

“We don't expect demand on SEEK to slow any time soon across for these frontline service roles, because as our population grows and ages so will our need for professionals in these fields,” Faulding said.


“In Wellington, new job ads on SEEK remained relatively flat this April [down 0.9 per cent y/y] after strong y/y growth in March [up 10.7 per cent y/y]. Fewer trading day in April, due to the timing of Easter and ANZAC Day, is a likely reason why the Wellington jobs market y/y growth stabilised. However, month on month advertising on SEEK for the region rose slightly, up 0.9 per cent,” explained Faulding.

The top advertising industries on SEEK for Wellington this April, and their average advertised annual salaries were:

  • Information & Communication Technology, $100,787
  • Administration & Office Support, $51,203
  • Trades & Services , $60,434

The ICT fields offering the most job opportunities throughout the Wellington region this April were Business and System Analysts, Developers and Programmers and Programme & Project Management, which mirrors the ICT talent demand in Auckland.

One of the fastest growing industries across Wellington this April was Real Estate & Property, up 33 per cent y/y. Across our nation's capital, this is a small advertising industry on SEEK in comparison to other sectors, however the fields with greatest demand for workers and driving this growth across Real Estate & Property were:

  • Body Corporate & Facilities Management
  • Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Management


“Relative to 12 months ago, competition conditions were tougher for jobseekers in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury this April, this means there has been a slight increase in the number of people applying for jobs on SEEK. However, it was still a candidate's market this April, meaning candidates still had the upper hand over hirer's when applying for jobs,” explained Faulding.

“At a national level, applications per ad remain high across the Engineering, ICT, Accounting and Marketing & Communications industries, which suggests tougher conditions for job seekers and an easier task for employers to source suitable candidates.

“High candidate availability remains in Human Resources, Legal and Mining, Resources & Energy sectors, however conditions are beginning to tighten,” revealed Faulding.

“Conditions remain tight for employers and relatively favourable for candidates [low applications per ad] in housing-related markets such as Real Estate & Property, Trades & Services, and Design & Architecture. Service based industries are also favourable for candidates, such as Hospitality & Tourism and Retail & Customer Products,” Faulding concluded.

Download SEEK NZ Employment Data Report – April 2017